Your Internet in 2016

by AlanRowoth on September 14, 2016

Your internet in 2016 This is a living document. Make use of the dozens of live links, leave me comments, and stop back now and then to check for updates. Create an Internet Identity and Master Social Media Technophobia? Get over it! Musicians have never been more empowered to control their careers. Building a following […]

Why you should set the ID3 tags on your downloadable MP3’s before you release them

by AlanRowoth on September 11, 2016

You know how you buy a CD and you come home and pop it into your computer and it recognizes what CD it is before you download it into iTunes (or whatever MP3 player you may use)? That MusicID information is called MetaData and it comes from an online database run by Gracenote. It didn’t […]