Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: The Big Orange Tarp @ NERFA 2014

by AlanRowoth on October 16, 2014

Sally and I are super excited about our showcases at this year’s NERFA conference. We have incredible performers coming, not just from the Northeast, but from Texas, California, Nashville, Chicago, and elsewhere. This also marks the folk community debut of my lifelong friend, Danny Pickering. Well known in jazz circles from years of performing and recording with people like the Brecker Brothers, Herbie Hancock, and other jazz legends; our community was invisible to him until I dragged him in. This also marks a NERFA debut for SF Bay Area music legend Keith Greeninger, best know for his work with City Folk. And, I believe, the first NERFA visit for Texas based Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes. These guys are hella good. In fact, the whole showcase is pretty amazing.
Friday Night 
11:40-12 Harpeth Rising
12-12:30 Tom Prasada-Rao, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Keith Greeninger
12:30-1am Connor Garvey, Honor Finnegan, Danny Pickering
1:00-1:30 Boxcar Lilies, Marci Geller, Jim Photoglo
1:30-2:00 David Roth, Russell Kaback, Rick Gottlieb
2:00-2:30 Amanda Pearcy, Kelly Ann Kerr, Chicago Mike Beck
2:30 open circle
Saturday Afternoon
12:15-1:15 Honor Finnegan, Vincent Cross, Rick Gottlieb, Kelly Ann Kerr
1:15-2:15 Bernice Lewis, RJ Cowdery, Russell Kaback, Marc Berger
2:15-3:15 Danny Pickering, Keith Greeninger, Meghan Cary Band, Jeff Black
3:15-4:15 Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Modern Man, The YaYas
4:15-5:15 Tom Prasada-Rao, Jim Photoglo, Matt Nakoa, Tim Grimm
Saturday Night 
11:45-12:15 Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Tim Grimm
12:15-12:45 Bernice Lewis, Jim Photoglo. Matt Borrello
12:45-1:15 Tom Prasada-Rao, Honor Finnegan, Keith Greeninger
1:15-1:45 Modern Man, Danny Pickering, Jeff Black
1:45-2:00 Mike Agranoff (solo)
2:00-2:45 Kelly Ann Kerr, Matt Nakoa, Marc Douglas Berardo
2:45 open circle

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