Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: NERFA2018 BOT Showcase.

by AlanRowoth on November 2, 2018

Fiske Room (Big Orange Tarp showcase)
I will update this with artist links before the conference.

Fri aft
2-2:45 Zoe Mulford, Emily White, Marc Douglas Berardo
2:45-3:30 Black Feathers, Emerald Rae, Jude Roberts
3:30-4:15 Alyssa Dan, Quentin Callewaert, Fiora Laina
4:15-5:00 Ronny Cox and the Heather Pierson Trio

Fri nite
11:45-12:30 Neale Eckstein and friends
12:30-1:00 Matt Nakoa, Lisa Bastoni, Cassandra House
1-1:30 Kenny White, Grace Morrison, Alice Hasen
1:30-2 Greg Greenway & Reggie Harris, Emerald Rae, Rod Abernethy
2-2:30 Robinson Treacher, Brad Cole, Caroline Cotter
2:30-3 B (Oliver Esposito), JR Garcia, Fiora Laina
3 Open Circle

Sat 11:30am-12:15 “Live Streaming: Techniques, Tips, & Tricks” Open group mentoring

Sat Afternoon
2-3 Alice Howe, Freebo, Grace Morrison, Jonathan Byrd
3-4 Miles & Mafale, Carolann Solebello and Joe Iadanza , Wabi Sabi (Pelletier & Wurzbach), Markley and Balmer
4-5 Kenny White, Louise Mosrie, Scott Cook, Rachael Kilgour

Sat night
11:45-12:15 Scott Cook, Kirsten Maxwell, Sophie Buskin
12:15-12:45 Annie Sumi, Jeffrey Siler, Josh Harty
12:45-1:15 Jaeger and Reid, Alice Hasen, Jim Bizer & Jan Krist
1:15-1:45 ilyAIMY, Susan Cattaneo, Rob Lytle
1:45-2:15 Eric Lee, Sandie Reilly, Andrew Dunn
2:15-3 Wabi Sabi (special guests Kipyn Martin, Fiora Laina)
3 am Open Circle

Sunday several one on one mentorings available. Sign up at mentoring desk.

A quick taste

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