Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: The Big Orange Tarp Rm# 1425 at NERFA 2015

by AlanRowoth on November 10, 2015


Friday night

  • 11:45-12:30a Fox Run invited covers with Annika Bennett, Stephanie Corby, Neale Eckstein, Kelly Ann Kerr, Matt Nakoa, Dan Navarro, Steve Postell, and Eric Schwartz
  • 12:30-1a Eric Schwartz, Katrin, Honor Finnegan
  • 1a-1:30a Ann Armstrong, Maria Brosgol, No Good Sister
  • 1:30-2a Kelly Ann Kerr, Eric Lee, Dan Navarro
  • 2-2:30a Dan Pelletier, Matt Nakoa, Annika Bennett
  • 2:30-2:45am Marc Berger
  • 2:45am Open Circle

Saturday afternoon

  • 1:15-2:15p Stephanie Corby, Vincent Cross, Maria Brosgol, Emily White
  • 2:15-3:15p Jeffrey Pepper Rogers, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Angela Easterling, Annika Bennett
  • 3:15-4:15p Cosy Sheridan, John Flynn, Eric Lee, Matt Nakoa
  • 4:15-5:15p Jim Photoglo, Rachael Kilgour, Dan Pelletier, Dan Navarro

Saturday night

  • 11:45-12:15a The YaYas, Katrin, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes
  • 12:15-12:45 Honor Finnegan, Angela Easterling, Tim Rice
  • 12:45-1:15 Jim Photoglo, Jim Trick, Kate McDonnell
  • 1:15-1:45 The Rix (Rik Palieri & Rick Nestler), Mike Agranoff, Kelly Ann Kerr
  • 1:45-2:30 Matt Nakoa, Dan Pelletier, Dan Navarro

Sally and I are thrilled to present another stellar showcase lineup for NERFA 2015.

As usual, we cherry picked the best artists we could from around the country. Some are long time favorites like Jim Photoglo, Dan Navarro, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes, Eric Schwartz, Honor Finnegan, John Flynn, Kate McDonnell, Dan Pelletier, Stephanie Corby, The Rix, The YaYas, Mike Agranoff, Tim Rice, Marc Berger, and my original internet crush Cosy Sheridan.

Others are the next wave of artists poised to take the folk world by storm. Rachael Kilgour, Matt Nakoa, Annika Bennett, Maria Brosgol, Katrin, Angela Easterling, Jim Trick, Vincent Cross, Emily White, Jeffery Pepper Rogers, Eric Lee, and Kelly Ann Kerr. All of whom are turning heads around the country, winning song contests and making new friends every week. These are artists you may not be as familiar with, but all of them are poised for big things and new releases. If you aren’t familiar with their music, you really need to be.

We are kicking off this year’s showcase with a very special segment put together by Neale Eckstein of Fox Run Studios. His home studio in Sudbury MA has blossomed from being a really nice home studio into becoming possibly the most exciting artist incubator in our community. Recent projects produced and coproduced by Neale at Fox Run include:

  • Brother Sun’s first CD (Brother Sun)
  • Click (Neale Eckstein)
  • Buskin and Batteau (Love Remembered, Love Forgot)
  • Bethel Steele (Shadows and Light)
  • Bethel Stelle (Broken Record)
  • Matt Nakoa (A Dozen Other Loves)
  • Mya Byrne (As I Am)
  • Davey O (No Passengers)
  • Rj Cowdery (Something Fine)
  • Ro Colegrove (Becoming Rowen)
  • Annika Bennett (Seventeen)
  • Matt Borrello (A Dollar and a Kiss)
  • .

Also a lot of the recording for Vance Gilbert’s “Bad Dog Buffet, a lot of the recording for Adam Michael Rothberg’s “Soul of a Man” were done at Fox Run. Neale is currently working on new CDs with Greg Greenway and Matt Nakoa. In addition, he has been writing songs of his own that have been cut by Tom Rush, Buskin & Batteau, and others. Most people know Neale from his photos and videos on the internet, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond all the “product”, there is something else very special happening at Fox Run. Neale has created a creative environment almost unrivaled elsewhere. On any given night, you never know who you’ll find sitting around making music. Writing new songs, playing around with covers, or just sitting around talking about music. I wish everyone could experience what it feels like over there. Years from now, I think we’ll look back on the “Fox Run Era” like we do Cordelia Street, Club 47, or the legendary “Big Pink” house that gave us The Band. I know Magic when I hear it. Sally and I wanted to share that magic with our NERFA friends.

Please join us in Rm 1425 for 3 great blocks of music.

To whet your appetite, a few videos will load. (This may take a little while)

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