Annika, Emily White, and RJ Cowdery at the Big Orange Tarp 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 17, 2015

annika ascap foundation_0Over the years, people have kidded me about my fetish for keeping my ear to the rail. I can’t help it. I just like to know that the train is coming before anyone else does. From artists like Dar Williams and Tom Prasada-Rao up to my current dark horses. I take great pleasure in getting out on the back porch and banging the frying pan so that everyone will know it’s time to come and taste new delights. Annika is one of those artists. I stumbled upon her thru Cary Cooper’s fantastic Real Women, Real Songs project. she isn’t old enough to vote, but she sure can write, play, and sing. Folk Alliance got the picture too, and awarded her an official showcase this year.

Two decades plus of teaching and hosting our Big Orange Tarp at the Planet Bluegrass Song School has also turned me on to dozens of emerging talents including Emily White and RJ Cowdery, who consistently knock me out with their well crafted songs. I predict you will be hearing a lot more from these talented ladies. (as well as recently-became-a-teenager phenom Bella Betts, who sadly will not be at Folk Alliance.) #FAI2015 #Folk

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