Big Orange Tarp at FarWest Folk Alliance 2018

by AlanRowoth on October 9, 2018

I will be attending my second FarWest Folk Alliance this weekend in Woodland Hills, California. I’ll be doing my workshop “7 Ways to Monetize the Internet (for Musicians)” at 1pm on Friday in the Hollywood Room.

I will also be showcasing half a dozen of my favorite musicians in the Access Film Blue Room.

Big Orange Tarp Presents:

Friday 11:30-midnight Jaeger & Reid, Ernest Troost, Uncle Bonsai in the round
Saturday 11:30-midnight Electric Bonsai Band, Alice Howe, Freebo In the round.

I think they also have me doing one on one mentorings, though I am not sure when. If that didn’t happen, email or message me at and we will set something up.

Here’s s glimpse of my lineup:

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