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by AlanRowoth on March 23, 2018

I’ve been working for the last couple of weeks on the Big Orange Tarp mission plan for 2018. For the first time I will be presenting showcases at all the regional conferences in the same year, as well as FAI Montreal in 2019. I often do workshops and mentorings at these also. If there are no official mentor slots left, I’m happy to arrange times for ad hoc mentorings as well.

Look for the Big Orange Tarp this year at:
SERFA Montreat, NC 5/17-21
Vidcon Los Angeles 6/20-23
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY 8/3-5
Song School Lyons CO 8/13-16
Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Lyons, CO 8/17-19
SWRFA Austin, TX 9/26-30
Far-West Folk Alliance Woodland Hills CA 10/11-14
FARM Grand Rapids, MI 10/24-28
NERFA Stamford, CT 11/8-11
Folk Alliance Montreal 2/13-17, 2019

I’m thrilled to be able to continue doing what I do without having to charge the musicians for it. There are many wonderful support professionals who make their living supporting this community and are worth every penny you pay them, but it feels so good to be able to do what I do regardless of someone’s ability to afford me. I worked many years as a paid computer consultant, but this feels soooo good.

Endless thanks to my many partners in these endeavors. Tom Neff & Grassy Hill, Bill Nash, Sally Johnson, Sandie Reilly, Jeff Miller, Scott and Paula Moore, Chicago Mike Beck, Walter Munson, JB Nuttle, George Wurzbach, Dirje Childs, David Glaser, Mark and Alyssa Dann, Annie Wenz, John Becker, Wiley Ware, Steve Seskin, Arthur Lee Land, David and Dawn Harrienger, Chadd Ferron, and so many others who help me at various events across the continent. There are no small jobs. Whether you are stage managing, playing in the Big Orange Tarp band, providing a crash pad or Amtrak pickup, doing refreshments or helping with the always arduous setups and teardowns. I appreciate all of it more than I say. Im always trying to do more and, with your help, I’m succeeding.

Many thanks to the wonderful musicians we are thrilled to showcase and all the Presenters, DJs, Photographers, and listeners who attend our showcases and carry that music out into their local communities, spreading news of these fine artists. It is harder than ever to build a sustainable music career, which is what I’m striving to help each and every one of our musical partners achieve.

If there are events or opportunities you believe I should be working with, other synergies, or suggestions of any kind. I’m happy to hear them. (Although I’m already spread sort of thin…) I’m always looking for more and better ways to help.

You can find more information on Big Orange Tarp events, a primer on live music streaming, and my other educational presentations on my blog at

Thanks again for your support!
Alan Rowoth, Ringmaster
The Big Orange Tarp

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