Big Orange Tarp NERFA 2016 Twain Room

by AlanRowoth on November 10, 2016

img_6030Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: The Big Orange Tarp
Sponsored by Grassy Hill
Twain Room

NERFA 2016 Showcase Lineup

Friday night

11:45-12:30a Fox Run (Neale Eckstein w/Stephanie Corby, David Glaser, Ali Handel, Shannon Hawley, Dan Navarro, Eric Schwartz, and Bethel Steele)
12:30-1a Eric Schwartz, Cliff Eberhardt, Louise Mosrie
1a-1:30a Rachael Kilgour, Kate Copeland, Uncle Bonsai
1:30-2a Kirsten Maxwell, Jacob Johnson, Shannon Hawley
2-2:30a Mike Agranoff, Antonio Andrade, Marc Berger
2:30 Open Circle

Saturday afternoon
11:00-11:45 Jeremy Aaron, Amy Soucy, Austin MacRae
11:45-12:45 Cricket Blue, Jim Bizer & Jan Krist, Pepper and Sassafras, Robin Greenstein
1:30-2:15 Kipyn Martin, Allison Shapira, Meg Braun
2:15-3:00 The Everly Set, Boxcar Lilies, Heather Mae
3:00-4:00 Kate Copeland, Jim Trick, Freebo, Dan Pelletier
4:00-5:00 Uncle Bonsai, Cliff Eberhardt, Louise Mosrie, Rachael Kilgour

Saturday night
11:45-12:15a Matt Nakoa, Kate Copeland, Rosie and the Riveters
12:15-12:45 Dan Navarro, Jim Trick, Connor Garvey
12:45-12:55 The Everly Set
12:55-1:15 Joan & Joni: Allison Shapira & Kipyn Martin
1:15-1:45 Eric Lee, Emily Mure, Will Pfrang
1:45-2:05 Eric Schwartz – solo
2:05-3:00 David Glaser, Dan Pelletier, George Wurzbach
featuring special guests Alyssa Dann & Hugh McGowan
3:00a Open Circle

Sally and I have been doing the NERFA showcases almost since NERFA began 24 years ago. We have some old friends that we love to feature, but we are always combing the planet for great new talent to present. This year we are presenting 19 new acts we have never showcased at NERFA before, Many of them are NERFA first timers. But all of them are acts that we have seen perform live before and feel strongly about. We would love it if you could check out all of them. I will attach a handful of videos. They may take a minute or so to load. See you at the hotel!!

One thought on “Big Orange Tarp NERFA 2016 Twain Room

  1. AlanRowoth says:

    Yes. Kate has 10 total nerfa showcases. There are any number of reasons why a performer name might differ from the one on their bank account. Don’t worry boys, she’s not married. There’s still hope!

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