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by AlanRowoth on February 11, 2016


Not all the fun is in the room

Not all the fun is in the room

I am very pleased to be partnering once again with Access Film Music for my Big Orange Tarp Showcases at the International Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City February 17-21, 2016. As usual, I have a killer lineup of artists to share with you. I will be hosting two rounds per night at 11pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night in the Access Film Blue Room, room 552. Here is this year’s lineup: (Click on the artist name to view their website)

Thursday Night
11:00p Alice Peacock, Freebo, The Sea, The Sea
11:30p Gina Forsyth, Anna Tivel, Laney Jones & the Spirits

Friday Night
11:00p Catie Curtis, Emily White, The Jellyman’s Daughter
11:30p Rachael Kilgour, Sonia, Eric Lee

Saturday Night
11:00p Tom Prasada-RaoJim Photoglo, Hugh Prestwood 
11:30p Matt Nakoa, Johnsmith, Rachael Kilgour

I am super excited about this year’s lineup.Many of the artists have showcased for me multiple times before and that includes long time favorites like Jim Photoglo, Tom Prasada-Rao, Emily White, and Matt Nakoa. I met Rachael Kilgour at FAI last year and I (like everyone else) quickly fell in love with her music. She’s been lighting up the internet, If you haven’t heard her, don’t wait.

I am so pumped to present friends I don’t get to see nearly often enough like Johnsmith, Catie Curtis, Sonia Rutstein, Gina Forsyth, Freebo, and Eric Lee. I was beside myself when I contacted Hugh Prestwood and he agreed to come and play. We have never met, but I have been a huge fan of his music for years. He is a world class songwriter who, over the last 35 years, has penned #1 hits for some of he biggest names in country music. I believe the song is the bedrock of any great performance, and his songs are rock solid. Though relative newcomers to the scene Anna Tivel, The Sea The Sea, and Laney Jones and the Spirits are very strong acts making waves with their excellent material and strong performances.

This is my first time presenting Scottish duo The Jellyman’s Daughter. Emily Kelly plays guitar, Graham Coe the cello, and they both sing their butts off. This is very very exciting stuff. Relatively unknown in the United States, you might be tempted to skip their showcase. Don’t. (seriously)

Here are a few video’s to whet your appetite. The first is a Big Orange Tarp Showcase set from NERFA 2015 featuring Dan Pelletier, Rachael Kilgour, Jim Photoglo, and Dan Navarro. Even beyond the great artists I get to showcase there is a special magic that seems to happen when I put them in a room together. I hope you can join us.(videos may take a while to load, be patient. It’s worth it.)

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