Big Orange Tarp Showcases Rm 552 FAI 2018

by AlanRowoth on January 20, 2018

Sandie Reilly and I are super excited for our BOT showcases at the upcoming Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City. Partnering once again with Access Film Music with assistance from Grassy Hill. All of these performers are super strong and ready to headline your venue. Click on the artist name to visit their websites.

Big Orange Tarp FAI 2018 Showcases
Rm 552, Access Film Music Blue Room

11:30-12 Tom Prasada-Rao, Molly Tuttle, Hadley Kennary
12-12:30 Freddy & Francine, Robby Hecht, Son of Town Hall

11:30-12 The LYNNeS, Gretchen Peters, Rachel Kilgour
12-12:30 Freddy & Francine, Ryanhood, Tom Prasada-Rao
12:30-1 Emily Mure, Johnsmith, Abbie Gardner

11:30-12 Alice Howe, Rachael Kilgour, Freebo
12-12:30 Tom Prasada-Rao, Martyn Joseph, Mary Gauthier
12:30-1 Gretchen Peters, Mary Gauthier, Sam Baker
1-1:30 Freddy & Francine, The LYNNeS, Kirsten Maxwell

Special mention should also go to some of the fine performers I was unable to slot due to late registration, schedule conflicts, time limitations, or a variety of other issues. These folks all appeared on my wishlist at some point during the process. Most of them simply registered after all my invites had been sent. All deserve your consideration and I hope you will add them to your list of people to hear at the conference.

In no particular order:
Rachel Laven, Rod Abernethy, Josh Harty, Heather Mae, Caroline Cotter, Bill Nash, Tim Grimm, The Sea The Sea, Melissa Greener, Ben Bedford, Ben Shannon, Dan Navarro, Dar Williams, Anais Mitchell, Molly Ventner, Heather Pierson, Hope Dunbar, Ian Foster, Susan Cattaneo, Ronny Cox, Jack Williams, Alice Hasen, Zoe Mulford, Dan Weber, Emily White, Nichole Wagner, Rosie and the Riveters, Alexis Normand, Joe Jencks, Russell DeCarle, and The Young Novelists.

If I posted videos from all the artists, it would likely choke your web browser. Here are a handful to whet your appetite.

live video from the event:

Thursday night

Friday night

Saturday night

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