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Louise Mosrie, Jim Photoglo, Dana Cooper, Jeff Black, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes

by AlanRowoth on February 18, 2015

Louise Mosrie, Jim Photoglo, Dana Cooper, Jeff Black, Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes are the artists that round out this years FAI 2015 BOT showcase. I had intended to do individual blog posts on each of them, but a death in my family has consumed much of last week. I left these five until last […]

Tom Prasada-Rao Big Orange Tarp FAI2015

by AlanRowoth on February 17, 2015

I love music. A lot of music. But there is no music that I love more than the music of Tom Prasada-Rao. A fan and friend of his for a quarter of a century, I love him more each day. His personal groove, generosity, and spirit inhabit everything that he does I’m struggling for words […]

Annika, Emily White, and RJ Cowdery at the Big Orange Tarp 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 17, 2015

Over the years, people have kidded me about my fetish for keeping my ear to the rail. I can’t help it. I just like to know that the train is coming before anyone else does. From artists like Dar Williams and Tom Prasada-Rao up to my current dark horses. I take great pleasure in getting […]

Connor Garvey, Caroline Spence at the BOT 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 17, 2015

Two more rising stars in the Folk Constellation are Connor Garvey and Caroline Spence. Both are favorites under the actual Big Orange Tarp. Both have been racking up success after success at festivals and conferences across the nation. Both are excellent players and singers with super strong material. And both of them will be playing […]

Allie Farris BOT showcase 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 16, 2015

Another blonde piano player from Nashville has also been making big waves of late. Allie Farris recently burst on the scene and has won songwriter recognition in the Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, Telluride Troubadour contest, and at the Rocky Mountain Folks festival. See her now while you can still get good seats. #FAI2015 #Folk

Alice Peacock BOT showcase 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 16, 2015

I was thrilled to find that Alice Peacock was awarded an official showcase for this years Folk Alliance and even more pleased that I could persuade her to join my showcase too. I’m a long time fan of this talented Singer/Songwriter, here to promote her most recent albums “Love Remains” and “Live from Space” If […]

Russell DeCarle Big Orange Tarp Showcase FAI 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 14, 2015

I think we all know that Folk Alliance is “Serious Business”, but despite slaving away over our musical chores all day we do find a way to have a little fun after the sun goes down. On one such evening in 2013, I was wandering the halls of FAI with my extraordinarily talented songwriter friend […]

Greg Trooper coming to the Big Orange Tarp Showcase

by AlanRowoth on February 13, 2015

I first heard Greg Trooper at NYC’s Bottom Line about a quarter of a century ago and was immediately blown away by his songwriting. I have followed his career ever since and featured him in my 1994 Internet Quartets Songwriter Showcase that traversed 11 cities in the NorthEast. I am not alone in my admiration. […]

Lisa Aschmann (literally) wrote the book on Songwriting

by AlanRowoth on February 11, 2015

1000 Songwriting Ideas I am so pumped to be showcasing Lisa Aschmann at FAI on Thursday night at 10:30pm with Harpeth Rising and Annika. Rm 556. Lisa is the Queen of my iPod and the most prolific songwriter I know. She has written thousands of songs, dozens of which have been recorded by other artists. […]