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The Big Orange Tarp at SWRFA 2017

by AlanRowoth on September 26, 2017

I’m excited to be returning to SWRFA this year with a Big Orange Tarp artist showcase (partnering with Access Film Music), some One on One mentoring from 1:30-3:00pm on Friday afternoon in the Elm Room. and a Live Video Streaming workshop from 10-11:30am on Saturday morning in the Elm Room.  Big Orange Tarp showcase SWRFA […]

Playlist Live D.C. – Impressions

by AlanRowoth on September 7, 2017

The Playlist Live conference is relatively new. Started in 2011, they held 2 3day events this year. The first in April with a reported 12,000 attendees. I attended the Washington DC conference last weekend for the first time. It was an eye-opener. First off, I felt incredibly old. The Woodstock generation was almost entirely unrepresented […]

Music Camps at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2017

by AlanRowoth on August 2, 2017

Here are the results of our survey for 2017 Camp Name: The Big Orange Tarp Grid location: M18 Website: Organisation: Big Orange Tarp/Grassy Hill Contact name: Alan Rowoth Contact email: Established: 1992 Nights and times you play: Wed-Sunday nights when the festival stage is dark Music focus: Professional touring artists, especially Emerging Artist […]

The Big Orange Tarp at Falcon Ridge 2017

by AlanRowoth on August 1, 2017

After our well received return to Falcon Ridge last year, I am even more excited for 2017. I’m delighted to report that Grassy Hill is again the official sponsor of the Big Orange Tarp. I am so grateful for their support and the invaluable assistance of the entire BOT team including Sally Johnson, Jeff Miller, Sandie […]

Falcon Ridge 2017 Music Camps survey

by AlanRowoth on July 14, 2017

People keep asking me questions I don’t know the answer to about the music camps in the campground for this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Rather than guess, I thought I had better crowdsource the answers. If you are doing a music camp at Falcon Ridge and want people to know about it, please fill […]

FAI2017 Rm 552 Big Orange Tarp showcase

by AlanRowoth on February 10, 2017

Folk Alliance 2017 – Kansas City, MO Alan Rowoth Presents the Big Orange Tarp In the Access Film Music Blue Room Room number 552 Thursday night 11:30pm Heather Mae, Low Lily, Sharon Goldman 12:00am Lisa Aschmann, Greg Greenway, Bill Nash 12:30am Darden Smith, Chick Morgan, The Mari Black Celtic Band Friday night 11:30pm Annika Bennett, Mel Parsons, Joe Jencks […]

Big Orange Tarp NERFA 2016 Twain Room

by AlanRowoth on November 10, 2016

Alan Rowoth & Sally Johnson Present: The Big Orange Tarp Sponsored by Grassy Hill Twain Room NERFA 2016 Showcase Lineup Friday night 11:45-12:30a Fox Run (Neale Eckstein w/Stephanie Corby, David Glaser, Ali Handel, Shannon Hawley, Dan Navarro, Eric Schwartz, and Bethel Steele) 12:30-1a Eric Schwartz, Cliff Eberhardt, Louise Mosrie 1a-1:30a Rachael Kilgour, Kate Copeland, Uncle […]

Videos – How and Why

by AlanRowoth on October 10, 2016

In his 1964 book, Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan famously proclaimed “The Medium is the Message.” Fifty two years later, the digital age is In full swing. In 2016, social media is all about video. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and the 800 pound Gorilla YouTube all want your content. 20% of American adults read at a […]

Your Internet in 2016

by AlanRowoth on September 14, 2016

Your internet in 2016 This is a living document. Make use of the dozens of live links, leave me comments, and stop back now and then to check for updates. Create an Internet Identity and Master Social Media Technophobia? Get over it! Musicians have never been more empowered to control their careers. Building a following […]

Why you should set the ID3 tags on your downloadable MP3’s before you release them

by AlanRowoth on September 11, 2016

You know how you buy a CD and you come home and pop it into your computer and it recognizes what CD it is before you download it into iTunes (or whatever MP3 player you may use)? That MusicID information is called MetaData and it comes from an online database run by Gracenote. It didn’t […]