Falcon Ridge 2017 Music Camps survey

by AlanRowoth on July 14, 2017

People keep asking me questions I don’t know the answer to about the music camps in the campground for this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Rather than guess, I thought I had better crowdsource the answers. If you are doing a music camp at Falcon Ridge and want people to know about it, please fill out this form and locate the camp (approximately) on the map grid above. A week or so before the festival, I will compile these answers into a single posting and maybe even try to generate some sort of infographic if I am not swamped with other stuff. Thanks. Please only fill out the form if it’s your camp. But other general campground music observations are welcome. Please complete the form and reply to this blog post or email to BigOrangeTarp@gmail.com

Camp Name:
Grid location:
Contact name:
Contact email:
Nights and times you play:
Music focus:
Target Audience:
Cover music:
Do you accept submissions?

———here is a sample entry——-

Camp Name: The Big Orange Tarp
Grid location: M18
Website: http://BigOrangeTarp.org
Organisation: Big Orange Tarp/Grassy Hill
Contact name: Alan Rowoth
Contact email: BigOrangeTarp@gmail.com
Established: 1992
Nights and times you play: Wed-Sunday nights when the festival stage is dark
Music focus: Professional touring artists, especially Emerging Artist Showcasers
Format: mostly ITR performances with occasional pop ins
Target Audience: Venue operators and house concerts, media, avid listeners
Capacity: 60-100 Bring your own chairs
Cover music: mostly original music, most performers have recordings available
Do you accept artist submissions? no
Notes: kid friendly, alcohol tolerated, not encouraged. No glass.
Most Wanted, Showcasers, main stage artists, special guests
Open circle every night after the feature performers. We often see the sunrise.
6 piece house band. all acoustic.

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