Music Camps at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2017

by AlanRowoth on August 2, 2017

Here are the results of our survey for 2017

Camp Name: The Big Orange Tarp
Grid location: M18
Organisation: Big Orange Tarp/Grassy Hill
Contact name: Alan Rowoth
Contact email:
Established: 1992
Nights and times you play: Wed-Sunday nights when the festival stage is dark
Music focus: Professional touring artists, especially Emerging Artist Showcasers
Format: mostly ITR performances with occasional pop ins
Target Audience: Venue operators and house concerts, media, avid listeners
Capacity: 60-100 Bring your own chairs
Cover music: mostly original music, most performers have recordings available
Do you accept artist submissions? no
Notes: kid friendly, alcohol tolerated, not encouraged. No glass.
Most Wanted, Showcasers, main stage artists, special guests
Open circle every night after the feature performers. We often see the sunrise.
6 piece house band. all acoustic.

Camp Name Pirate Camp
Grid location M-10
Contact Name Stuart Kabak
Established 1999
Nights & times to play Wed thru Saturday nite when main stage is off
Music Focus Mostly pro level artists
Format Mostly ITR Originals
Alcohol None served…prefer you leave yours home
Notes Large protective canopy, real stage and lighting, camaraderie to write home about, breakfast and dinner provided to Pirate Camp residents
Artist submissions? Yes*
Target audience People who love great songs performed by great artists
Capacity 30 chairs provided under canopy Room for over 100 around stage

Camp Name: Camp Stupid Americans
Grid location: N3
Contact name: Phil Henry
Contact email:
Established: 2000
Nights and times you play: Friday after Mainstage close
Music focus: Songwriters
format: Open song circle
Target Audience:
Capacity: 30
Cover music: Sure, though we love originals!
Do you accept submissions?
Notes: Bringing a chair is encouraged!

Camp Name: The Budgiedome
Grid location: g22
Organisation: The Budgiedome
Contact name: musician contact Gordon Nash
Contact email:
Established: 2000
Nights and times you play: Thursday night song circle after the Lounge Stage, featured performers Friday and Saturday after main stage followed by open mic
Music focus: emerging artists and new artists
format: Thursday night song circle. Friday night and Saturday night featured performers in short sets followed by open mic
Target Audience: avid listeners
Capacity: 60+ seating, bring a chair
Cover music: we prefer originals.
Do you accept submissions? Yes, electronic only.
Notes: Wandering Minstrels Adopted

Camp Name: Happytown (Dave Carter Song Circle) (this year at the Lounge Camp)
Grid location: near the back corner of 10-acre
Website: (for this year)
Contact name: Beth DeSombre
Contact email:
Established: 2002
Nights and times you play: Saturday late night
Music focus: All Dave Carter songs, all the time
format: in-the-round — newcomers and brief visitors can play as soon as they arrive
Target Audience: those who love Dave Carter’s songs and
Capacity: 30-40
Cover music: Dave Carter songs
Do you accept submissions? Everyone welcomed
Notes: Come to play, sing, or just listen. (You can request songs, too!)

Camp Name: Nite Owl Campfire Song Swap
Grid location: Performer parking lot (just across troll bridge from security trailer)
Organisation: Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Contact name: Terry Kitchen
Contact email:
Established: 1992
Nights and times you play: Fri & Sat nites midnite-3 AM
Music focus: singers, songwriters, poets, storytellers
format: open song circle
Target Audience: all
Capacity: 50
Cover music: fine, but original encouraged
Do you accept submissions? none needed, just show up!
Notes: This is a festival-sponsored open song swap, everybody gets a turn.

Camp Name: Acoustic Live in NYC booth
Grid location: M26
Organization: Acoustic Live in NYC
Contact name: Richard Cuccaro
Contact email:
Established: 1999
Nights and times you play: Afternoons Fri-Sat 2-4 Sun 12-2
Music focus: Singer/songwriter
format: showcase / 15-minute set
Target Audience: Avid listeners
Capacity: 20-30 bring own chairs
Cover music: mostly originals
Do you accept submissions? by invitation mostly; recommendations welcome

Camp Name: The Lounge Camp
Grid Location: H11
Organization: Tribal Mischief
Contact Name: Ethan & Jake Pesky
Contact Email: or
Established: 2008
Nights and time you play: Thursday night in the Dance Stage, Saturday night from 10 – 2 for the Dave Carter Tribute.
Music Focus: Kindness
format: Formated scheduling
Capacity: ????
Cover music: Sure
Not really
Notes: Bring a Chair, don’t steal others, enjoy the fire pit and/or the tent!
Usually in attendance but on hiatus for 2017:

Camp Name: GFP (George Fox Pavilion)
Grid location: H10
Contact name: John Rozett
Contact email:
Established: 2000
Nights and times you play: Wed-Sat nights when the festival stage is dark except Sat. night when play begins after Dave Carter Song Circle
Music focus:Anyone, pro or amateur
Format: open song circle
Target Audience: anyone
Capacity: Open. Bring your own chairs
Cover music: mostly original music but covers acceptable.
Do you accept artist submissions? no. open.
Notes: alcohol tolerated
Open circle every night after the main stage closes. Fire set up for whomever wants to gather.Self-supervised





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