REVIEW: Leah McHenry music business webinar

by AlanRowoth on April 5, 2018

In a nutshell, I wasted 2 hours so you won’t have to. She promised lots of useful information and a PDF about finding your “microniche”. It was total crap. A 2 hour long sakes pitch to join her online Tribe for $767 a year so she can sell you endless Addon’s. There was less info in her 2 hour sales pitch than any one of the CDbaby free blogs I have ever seen. The “info” was internet 101 at best.You need fans. Your music has to be good  Really? What a revelation!

She stiffed entirely on the PDF. All she wants is your money. RUN AWAY.

I wish her luck in her chosen microniche “Celtic Fantasy Metal”. (Yikes!)

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