Russell DeCarle Big Orange Tarp Showcase FAI 2015

by AlanRowoth on February 14, 2015


I think we all know that Folk Alliance is “Serious Business”, but despite slaving away over our musical chores all day we do find a way to have a little fun after the sun goes down. On one such evening in 2013, I was wandering the halls of FAI with my extraordinarily talented songwriter friend Lynn Miles (who sadly won’t be in KC this year) and she took me to a room full of Canadians who I had not yet met. It was a party of epic proportions and there was lots of fine music. Russell DeCarle was a standout. A great player and singer, he surrounds himself with killer musicians and plays with an authority and competence that only comes from having hundreds of gigs under your belt. Best known at the Bass player for Juno award winning band Prairie Oyster, he has recently been doing shows with the Russell DeCarle Trio. I love his songs and the covers he sometimes chooses. I think you will too. Do not miss Russell DeCarle at this year’s Folk Alliance. #FAI2015 #Folk

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