Spotlight: Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes

by AlanRowoth on October 16, 2014


Prior to NERFA, I want to tickle you folks with info about some of the Folks who’ll be playing our showcase. There is no better place to start than with Dallas based Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes. Within the folk community, we put a lot of weight on the story and the intention. Gigs are in short supply and the money isn’t fantastic. There are folks fielding albums that haven’t played 200 gigs in their entire life. Many of these people are good, despite a lack of experience. They may have great ideas and wonderful charisma. And I book a bunch of them. But a performer with a couple of thousand gigs under their belt plays with a different level of confidence and proficiency. When Ann Armstrong and Steve Hughes take the stage, they play with an authority and musical competency that most folkies only aspire to. For my money, Bonnie Raitt has nothing on these guys. I love her voice, the songs are great, and they play the hell out of them. Do not get out of NERFA without listening to Ann & Steve! Can’t wait? They have a Reverbnation page.

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