Big Orange Tarp Showcase FAI 2016 rm552

by AlanRowoth on February 11, 2016

  I am very pleased to be partnering once again with Access Film Music for my Big Orange Tarp Showcases at the International Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City February 17-21, 2016. As usual, I have a killer lineup of artists to share with you. I will be hosting two rounds per night at 11pm […]

Connor Garvey in Rm1421

by AlanRowoth on November 12, 2014

I have been on the Connor Garvey train for years. We met at the Song School in Colorado. Connor is a beautiful man in thought, word, and deed. He writes great songs and has an instant, easy rapport with any audience. He has been amassing awards and winning contests at an unprecedented rate. His appeal […]

Spotlight: Jim Photoglo

by AlanRowoth on October 21, 2014

Sally and I are so pleased to have Jim Photoglo back again this year at NERFA. A long time favorite of mine, Jim just keeps getting better and better and better. His new CD “Halls of my Heart” is my favorite CD of the year. I told him recently that it just might be his […]

Spotlight: Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes

by AlanRowoth on October 16, 2014

Prior to NERFA, I want to tickle you folks with info about some of the Folks who’ll be playing our showcase. There is no better place to start than with Dallas based Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes. Within the folk community, we put a lot of weight on the story and the intention. Gigs are […]