The Big Orange Tarp at Folk Alliance International-Montreal 2019

by AlanRowoth on January 28, 2019


In the Access Film Blue Room, Rm 469

I’m super psyched about my showcase lineup for Montreal. Partnering again with Access Film Music in their blue room. I’m not super psyched about the tiny hotel rooms.My usual audience is not going to fit into the room, I encourage you to come early to get a seat. 

Thursday night 

11:30pm Freddy and Francine, Scott Cook, Lynn Miles

12 midnight Peppino D’Augustino, Rod Abernethy, Noah Zacharin

 Friday night

11:30pm Sara Wheeler, RJ Cowdery, Rachael Kilgour

12 Greg Klyma, The Rix (Rick Nestler & Rik Palieri), Tim “Doc Fritz” Liebert

12:30 Markley and Balmer, Lisa Bastoni & Naomi Sommers, Reggie Harris

 Saturday night

11:30pm Hope Dunbar, Hayley Reardon, Scott Cook

12 Annie Oakley, Emily Mure, Rachael Kilgour

12:30 Lisa Bastoni, Dave Gunning, The LYNNeS

1am Freddy & Francine, Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul


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