The Big Orange Tarp at Falcon Ridge 2019

by AlanRowoth on June 30, 2019

We are thrilled to be returning once again to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, this time to celebrate their 31st Anniversary. We play music under the BOT Wednesday-Sunday evenings and often well into the night. Wednesday and Sunday are Open Circles, starting around dusk. Thu, Fri, and Saturday we start with feature rounds and go Open Circle sometime later that night. On Friday and Saturday evening our features will be primarily made up of this years Grassy Hill Emerging Artists (featured on the main stage on Friday afternoon) and the Most Wanted Artists from last year’s showcase: Quarter Horse, Carolann Solebello, and Justin Farren.
Oliver the Crow was also selected by the audience, but will be touring in Europe this august.

The Emerging Artists this year include:

I hope you can be here for their Friday afternoon main stage set, but if you can’t, Sally and I will attempt to give you a second chance to see each of them on one of the weekend nights at the BOT. Friday and Saturday Feature start when the main stage ends. In addition to Emerging Artists and Most Wanted, we always have a few additional tricks up our sleeve.

On Thursday night we are kicking off with a memorial to Dr. John. led by Radoslav Lorkovic. This will start directly after the lounge stage finishes, so please plan on joining us if you can. We will follow this with other special guests. That, of course, will finally lead into Thursday’s Open Circle.

If you are a regular follower of my blog you know I spent the better part of March this year in India with lifetime Falcon Ridger Allie Sibner. It was life changing for me. I’ve convinced her to do a presentation at the BOT on Saturday afternoon at 3pm called “Yoga and Travel Talk with Allie Sibner” Where she will do a little yoga with you and talk about her experiences traveling in India, Cambodia, and Southeast Asia. Q&A will follow.

I’m very pleased with the entire program and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Here’s a taste of some of what you might see

Here is how you find us at the festival


Allie Sibner and I celebrated India’s “Holi” holiday in Rishikesh.

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